Research & Development

   With a strong commitment and determination to ensure the safety of all road driving and to fulfill the customer requirement, Compact Group established “Brake Development and Testing Center” and had gathered the highly experienced Engineers and professional researchers to do research to ensure the highest quality and safety of the final products by particularly focusing on every specific detail related to braking system in each model of cars and design the appropriate and maximum braking performance in application.

Brake Testing

   Compact International has a braking efficiency testing machine, SNT BRAKE DYNAMOMETER, from Japan. The standard of this machine has been accepted internationally, for instant, JASO C406 of Japan, the European ECE R90 and SAE J2522 from the United States of America for brake testing by simulating the operation of brake system in accordance with the
specific design.

   The Brake Dynamometer carries out friction testing of our products to understand the braking characteristics and friction coefficients generated in real emergency situations. Such simulations allow us to test a wider range of friction material formulations before actual onground product testing. The result is a reduction of time-to-market and a faster learning curve.
Our tests are carried out according to brake testing procedures of major international standards.

LINK COMPACT VEHICLE DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM MODEL 3802 is also one of our efficient vehicle testing machines. This tool can be installed in all vehicle types for testing in real driving conditions to measure the value of braking each time and all of the values obtained from brake testing are compared in the different environment of the brake, for example, the temperature of the brake on each wheel, speeding concerned, and energy loading. The data from all the testing must be compared with the standard of the real products from brake assembly

    Nowadays, Compact International (1994) Co., Ltd. imported International standard testing machine, LINK MODEL 6900 TRUCK BRAKE DYNAMOMETER, from LINK Engineering Company-UnitedState of America, which is the first International standard testing machine in Thailand, for testing Brake Lining in Heavy Track and all kind of commercial vehicles.


It can be simulated emergency braking application in a given environment like road condition and Brake temperature very close to the actual use in accordance with the international brake testing standard.


We imported this testing machine from LINK ENGINEERING Company in the U.S. with the investment of 50 million Baht, for the purpose of brake testing in Bus, Heavy Truck, Trailer, and Commercial Vehicles. Brake Dynamometer is designed to adjust a burden weight of the vehicles for a proper test, including performance testing, lifetime and stability testing, and checking the rate of occurring undesirable noise towards the international standard of SAE J2115 Brake Performance and FMVSS 121 Brake Performance and stability testing.


It is a special machine for real drive testing which can be installed in all types of vehicles: passenger cars, pick up cars, vans, buses, and trucks to the purpose of collecting information from actual driving towards the possible various aspects that can be affect to the Brake performance.